Silver Spoon

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Project Detail

Silver spoon, a highly distinguished restaurant in Ontario. The project of Silver Spoon is for the comfort of the customers who are willing to find out the best deals and what’s more filled with enthusiasm in the Food and Services industry.

“FOOD defines the way of living & the best way to entertain yourself is through a variety in cuisines. Creating Values for a healthy purpose.”

ClientGoodLayers Inc.
Project Date14 July 2017

Boosting Tool

Performance analysis is measured with the help of analyzing tools. Finding out real time statistics regards to the daily visitors, daily customers, daily orders placed online, Daily sales figures, Daily Shipments, & Daily revenue. The monthly revenue progress is shown in form of histogram & scatter diagram with annual revenues shown in form of monthly progress. Also showing the revenue per hour, the best way to find out the progress.
The tool also shows the customers feed and their responses regards to the website, its usability and performance evaluations. A helpful tool for best customer’s analysis for a restaurant like Silver Spoon.

We are a team of experts

We are a team of Experts from various backgrounds, and qualifications while giving our best in the field of Digital Media. The team includes qualified designers, developers, consultants, writers & other professionals from related areas concerning IT. Providing knowledge, ideas & delivering talent that is of good use for the client’s development strategy.

“Trying Hard to deliver The Best In The World of Digital Media – THE DIGITAL MEDIA TEAM”


The stats are shown in the form of impressive results that are conclusive enough for future decision making. Helpful and concrete results showing what needs to be achieved next and how to achieve it for better decision making and calculating the Return on Investment i.e. ROI.

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI