Senator Hotel

Senator Hotel Canada, one of the most wanted Hotel & Conference center in Timmins, Ontario. A Hotel for the future of travel & tourism & Conferences in Canada. Standards par excellence.

Project Detail

Senator Hotel & Conference Centre in Timmins is ideally located in the heart of Timmins in Ontario, Canada. A very busy hotel used for the sole purpose of conferences with advanced conference halls and well decorated and lavish rooms. One of the best place to spend your vacations, having a business meeting or a conference, and spending your most memorable honey moon holidays in our most well decorated honey moon suite.

Senator Hotel is a highly established & known hotel in Hotel Industry Canada. Mostly used for conferences and Global summits. The Northern Ontario Tourism Summit 2019 was also held in Senator Hotel & Conference Centre Timmins

ClientGoodLayers Inc.
Project Date14 July 2017

Boosting Tool

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303% ROI