Ports Auto

The mechanical car works, car repairs, and regular car maintenance at economical costs in Canada. Ensuring your Automobiles quality Assurance through a Memorandum of Testing system for excellence in the Automobile industry.

Project Detail

Ports Autos is an Automobile repair and maintenance service which is based in North York Canada. Dealing in all kind of issues concerning your car, the company has a wide variety of licensed technicians at work including the air conditioning repairs, Emission Testing, Brake Repairs, Alignments and Tune-Ups.
The company has a huge reputation regarding the repairs and maintenance of cars and automobiles in the automotive sector Canada. A ‘30 Years’ of experience in the Auto industry means Ports Autos have enough experience to tackle complex car issues and problems related to engineering. Our list of experienced technicians are all professionally trained to handle all kind of cars & locomotive issues.

ClientPorts Auto
Project Date29th June 2020

Boosting Tool

Performance analysis is measured with the help of analyzing tools. Finding out real time statistics regards to the daily visitors, daily customers, daily orders placed online, Daily sales figures, Daily Shipments, & Daily revenue. The monthly revenue progress is shown in form of histogram & scatter diagram with annual revenues shown in form of monthly progress. Also showing the revenue per hour, the best way to find out the progress.
The tool also shows the customers feed and their responses regards to the website, its usability and performance evaluations.
Automotive industry highly excels in the comprehensive use of technology in Canada. The integration of technology helps in excelling Ports Auto maintaining industry standards and for the sake of quality assurance & Quality management principles. Effective use of stats for useful evaluations is a common entity.


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1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI